Treatment Purveyors

The Lo
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vaas Institute provides treatment services nationwide and has contacts around the world as well. They have clinics:
• throughout the U.S.
Their website is very valuable for the new parent who cannot find treatment providers nearby.

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e Wisconsin Early Autism Project clinic utilizes the techniques pioneered by Lovaas; however, they are independent from the LIFE organization. They have branched out from their original clinic in Wisconsin and are now in several different countries including Malaysia & Canada.

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The Autism Partnership clinic was founded by two researchers who were trained by Dr. Lovaas and participated in the ground breaking research conducted at U.C.L.A. in the 1980’s. This clinic has offices in the U.S., Canada, England, Australia and Hong Kong and Singapore.

Worthwhile Parent Websites

There are a large number of parent websites devoted to their children receiving science-based treatment around the world. Below is a partial list:

Recently a group that was established in the 1990’s re-emerged on Facebook. The list is called The ME List on Facebook,
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and it is definitely worth joining irrespective of which country in which you reside. Although it is a closed group, you simply have to ask to join.


U.S.: The 1st Families for Early Autism Treatment has a large list of parent organizations.
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Families for Early Autism Treatment of British Columbia also has a list.

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International sites that are worth joining if you reside in the relevant country are:


This organization is called Applied Behavior Analysis Ireland (ABAI)

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This organization is called Parents Education as Autism Therapists (PEAT)

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This organization is called
Parents for the Early intervention of Autism (Peach)

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There are a couple of organizations that I found:

Autism Behavioural Intervention Queensland
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Autism Behavioral Intervention Association, Inc. in Victoria