Lawyers are a kid's best friend!

Lawyers seem to be the latest target for lawmakers, and it is certainly easy to get in line and demonize this profession; however, let’s reflect for a moment, as parents of children with autism, and ponder whether it is wise to attack lawyers. Just yesterday, I opened my e-mail and found the latest battle being waged in the courts, this time in Hawaii.

this case, the Department of Education is being sued because the Hawaii public school system allegedly denied two little girls an appropriate education. This case has taken many years to get to the appropriate judge (and I’m sure the parents are exhausted); however, it is only through the use of lawyers, that the rights of children with autism can be protected; otherwise, the laws would simply gather dust at the law library, and the bureaucracy would continue to do what it does best, resist change. So the next time you meet a lawyer involved in civil litigation, give a hardy thank you, and buy the litigator a latte!