Maxwell Smart had a phone in his shoe...

Screen shot 2011-10-26 at 9.21.38 AM
What was parody of technology in the 1960s, is now reality. I recently came across a great new idea developed to track people with Alzheimer’s to make sure that if they should go missing, they can be located quickly. GTXCORP has developed a miniaturized 2 way GPS tracking system that fits into people’s shoes! This has us thinking the obvious ... what about smaller GPS shoes for children with autism?

That would help rid us of the common, serious tragedy of children with autism going missing. Even today, there is a frightening story of a nine year old with autism who is missing and has almost 1000 people looking for him.

The GPS system needs to be made sufficiently flexible to transfer from one shoe size to the next, as kids grow. This technology can save lives and create piece of mind, particularly for parents whose children with autism have a habit of wondering off. Here’s where technology and innovation makes lives better for families and their children. The company is GTXCORP, and I bet they’d love to be introduced to a huge new market, about which they may be unaware, at this point.