Medicare's Orphans: An Interview with the Producer, Jean Lewis

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Jean Lewis, founder of Medicare for Autism Now!, and producer of the exciting film, Medicare’s Orphans, to be released in October 26th, 2011.

In this 20 minute interview, Jean gives us the story behind the story, and delivers insight into the plight of children with autism in Canada. This is a story well worth following!

Be sure to check out the various trailers for the film, at the links below:

Staging a Miracle: An Interview with Jason Eden

I had the privil
ege of speaking with Jason Eden, the author of Staging a Miracle: A Practical Parent’s Guide to Surviving an Autism Diagnosis. In this interview, Jason discusses his journey from diagnosis to treatment and ultimate success with his son. He offers much valuable advice to parents of newly diagnosed children, as well as those advocating for their children in the school system. From the shock of diagnosis, the search for treatment, the logistics of setting up and administering a treatment program, to the advocacy responsibilities, if you are a parent at the very beginning of the process, think about this book as a shield of armor to protect you against whatever may come your way. Enjoy!