Autism Hero

Every so often I read about a person who is making a difference. Recently, I read about a professional who is both a pediatric neurologist and a lawyer! What a powerful combination for children with autism.

Dr. Gary McAbee, has created a new medical-legal partnership that specializes in autism, which means that not only is the parent of a newly diagnosed child going to get great advice on how to access treatment, they will also be able to get advice on advocacy for their children in terms of funding rights, treatment access and school placement.

What’s great about this partnership is that Dr. McAbee has created a great marriage: the
Legal Services of New Jersey partnered up with a reputable autism treatment organization: Eden Autism Services group. Hopefully this will become a prototype across the nation and beyond, since we parents of children with autism know all too painfully how difficult it is to access quality treatment and once found, how difficult it is to actually afford it!