Has Autism Speaks gone over to the dark side?

Of all the organizations on the planet that could possibly discriminate against parents who have children with autism, the last one I thought would ever be on this list is Autism Speaks! Autism Speaks is the predominant autism advocacy organization set up to support research, treatment and advocacy for people with autism. The founders, Bob and Suzanne Wright, had a grandchild diagnosed with autism and had the motivation and wherewithal to make a significant difference for everyone touched by autism. Although I have been critical of Autism Speaks in the past, this latest development may set a new high water mark for hypocrisy.

I just read that Simone Greggs, a mother of a child with autism, had her job offer with Autism Speaks rescinded after she requested a minor accommodation to work from home one day per week since her son -- who is afflicted with autism -- returns home early on that day. Not only did Autism Speaks not grant her this trivial accommodation, they actually rescinded her job offer!


Ms. Greggs is now suing Autism Speaks, and I’m certain I speak for thousands in wishing her the best of luck!

The film "Medicare's Orphans" released today!

Screen shot 2011-11-01 at 12.19.44 PM

The long awaited film, Medicare’s Orphans was released today! The documentary chronicles the plight of children with autism in Canada, who are systematically excluded from Canada’s purportedly universal health care system.

I will provide an in depth review of this essential film in the coming days, but in the meantime, I invite you to watch this forty-two minute documentary that will change the way you look at the rights of children with autism forever. Due to the important nature of this topic to the autism community world-wide, access is currently provided free of charge.

To view the film, click on the screen below:

Medicare's Orphans. from MedicareForAutismNow on Vimeo.