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Hypocrisy, thy name is Canada

"The war that our own government is waging against our children is not over..."

Jean Lewis,
“Medicare’s Orphans”

have previously discussed the important Canadian documentary film produced by the autism treatment advocacy organization, Medicare For Autism Now! In the most recent trailer released, Jean Lewis and David Marley, co-founders of Medicare for Autism Now!, discuss the long-running autism wars in British Columbia; they lay Canada bare. Read more...

Autism's "Inconvenient Truth": Trailer 2

Here’s the 2nd of four movie trailers which advertises an upcoming documentary,
Medicare's Orphans, scheduled for release in mid-September.  The 2nd trailer is quite inspiring, and in my personal experience, quite representative of some of the children who have benefitted from Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment. Enjoy! Watch...

Finally, an "Inconvenient Truth" for Autism!

I just found out about a new film that is going to be fascinating viewing! The group just released the first of four trailers advertising their upcoming documentary,
Medicare's Orphans, which is scheduled for release in mid-September.  I watched the trailer, and checked out their website and am waiting eagerly for the film to be released! Here’s trailer number one to whet your appetite! Read more...